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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin-carb ratios

Hi Jeremy
No, you got the wrong end of the stick.

I just meant that you were lucky about having the pump thing done in
hospital to test your basal rates, not the operation where you had the drip!

Since my experience of doctors, sliding scales and drips is not so good
asyours was, I said you were lucky.
I too have plenty of horror stories about hospital inpatient treatment.
I always take my meter, strips, insulin, glucose tabs, etc. etc. with me to
hospital and refuse to let them take them off me.
I was unsure about the glucose tabs with the anaesthetic, though you may be
Actually when I broke my elbow I had an emergnecy operation under general
anaesthetic, and I had eaten breakfast about 2 hours (before the accident)
and they did the op anyway. And it was the only time I've not been sick
after an anaesthetic! They did stick tubes down my nose and throat though.

 >I think you are
referring to being allowed to use my pump during the op,  >that was not
luck rather (one) advantage of going privately.

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