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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin-carb ratios

At 19-04-00 12:02 +0200, you wrote:
> >Re. insulin/carb ratio there is a simple test that can be done to test it.
> >Admittadly it is not very pleasant but is accurate. It involves an
> >overnight stay in hospital whereby your bg is controlled by the amount of
> >glucose administered (through a drip), previously a continuous insulin
> >supply is attached at a level calculated from your average daily insulin
> >intake.
>Good grief Jeremy! Which private clinic do you suggest Elizabeth checks in to?
What I mention is not expensive, it is in effect what is done to any 
diabetic when they have an operation. I believe doctors like to refer to it 
as a sliding scale, so that bgs are maintained throughout an operation.
When between my two hip ops, at the time I was in an NHS hospital they 
insisted on putting all these drips etc into me (despite my pleas that what 
they were doing could much more easily be done by using my pump- see below) 
and then kept cancelling the operation so I was being controlled in this 
fashion for over 15 hours (which is longer than the test takes), just 
because they knew nothing about pumps. If they can do that for a diabetic 
there for orthapaedic surgery it cannot be too difficult for a wise 
consultant to explain that he needs to do this to better work out the 
diabetic control of a patient.
I note that when the test was done on me it was within an NHS hospital and 
by someone previously mentioned (three months since?) in these emails, that 
is Dennis Barnes now at Sevenoaks (I think) and known to John Davis. Of 
course it may be because I am such a pleasant, helpful, handsome and 
unargumentative person that this was offered to me (more likely Dennis 
thought I was the only one stupid enough to agree to go through with it). 
But I can assure you that the overall test does not take much from health 
My note above re. the pump relates to the comments of the surgeons after my 
(first) operation. They said that because I had used my pump through the 
operation it was the most simple hip replacement operation that they had 
ever done on a diabetic. What I had done was to halve (approx) my basal 
rate for the period the operation would be underway and build it up again 
gradually afterwards. This was basically to keep the surgeons happy that I 
would not become hypo, while not having to worry about how much insulin I 
was taking. Obviously they still checked my bg during the op but that was all.
I also note the stories of there being lack of bedspace in hospitals had me 
asking questions when after my dislocation & fracture I found myself in a 
ward with half the beds empty, and this is within Greater London!

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