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RE: [IPk] exercise & BGs

As I understand it, rules about whether or not to do exercise have much more 
to do with the level of ketones you have in your blood and not with your bg 
level. Perhaps someone with a bit more medical knowledge can explain this 
better, but I think along these points:

- it is dangerous to have ketones in your blood, a build up leads to 
ketoacidosis and eventually to death
- ketones are produced when your body's insulin level is -very- low or zero, 
which results in muscles not being able to absorb glucose from the blood. 
This is a deadly circle, muscles cannot absorb glucose they need because 
there is no insulin, but liver etc. release glucose into the blood because 
there is no insulin. The bg increases.
- doing exercise means that your muscles are working harder, the rate of 
ketone production is a lot higher during exercise than when lying flat.
- a high bg perhaps indicates you have ketones in your blood, something 
which can be confirmed by testing urine with keto-sticks (should be in every 
pumpers travel bag)
- if you find ++ or +++ ketones in your blood you should not do exercise, 
rather sit down, give yourself insulin, until the ketone level and bg have 
- due to the connection between bg and ketone level, it is often recommended 
to always test for ketones when bg is above a certain amount (with me this 
is the same 13.8 mmol/L that you previously mentioned). A high bg by itself 
does not result in ketones unless there is very little or zero insulin 

I'm open for corrections here if something is not quite right :o)


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