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Re: [IPk] exercise & BGs

On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>I wish I had seen the letter in Balance.  I'm curious about this, because 
>when I was diagnosed I was told not to exercise when my BG was over 250 
>mg/dl, which works out to 13.8 mmol/L.  

Hi Elizabeth
I find the same thing. Around 12/13 is about the mark for me.

>One of the reasons I was so keen to get a pump was because my exercise 
>threshold has dropped.  For the first year after diagnosis the 250 mg/dl 
>guideline worked for me:  if I exercised below that I was ok, but if I 
>exercised above that, inevitably my BGs would rise.  For the past six months 
>or so, my exercise threshold has dropped, and now if I exercise about 10 
>mmol my BG inevitably rises.  I'm hoping the pump will help sort this out.

My threshold doesn't seem to have changed since the pump.
I tested it the other day because I turned off the pump in preparation for
gonig swimming 30 mins. before, and then got delayed by 30 mins. I forgot I
had switched off the pump, and when I arrived at the pool my BG was 13.
After half an hour of swimming it was 6 mmol/l.

But, the pump may help in that you may not have to raise your Bg so high
before exercise. 
At the JDF conference, in the exercise workshop, the marathon runner (whose
name I forget) told us how he had to get his BG up to 15 before running, in
order to finish at about 5mmol/l.Which is what I too had to do on MDI,
necause of the amount of long-acting insulin in my body.
Now  I can usually start exercising around 7 and finish at 5 by careful
control of the pump.

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