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[IPk] exercise & BGs

I wish I had seen the letter in Balance.  I'm curious about this, because 
when I was diagnosed I was told not to exercise when my BG was over 250 
mg/dl, which works out to 13.8 mmol/L.  My diabetes nurse told me this, and 
it was in a lot of the literature I read. The reason I was given for a rise 
when exercising with high BG is because the cells don't have access to 
enough glucose and so your body dumps its glucose stores to compensate - and 
BGs climb and climb.

One of the reasons I was so keen to get a pump was because my exercise 
threshold has dropped.  For the first year after diagnosis the 250 mg/dl 
guideline worked for me:  if I exercised below that I was ok, but if I 
exercised above that, inevitably my BGs would rise.  For the past six months 
or so, my exercise threshold has dropped, and now if I exercise about 10 
mmol my BG inevitably rises.  I'm hoping the pump will help sort this out.

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