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Re: [IPk] Post Exercise Highs

>	Because my blood sugar peak is sharp - and I take extra insulin to
>cover it, I don't ever seem to get ketones.  I have further refined my
>theory since I wrote to Balance.  If my starting blood sugar is 7.5mmol or
>over I always take 1 or 2 units of insulin and this stops a further rise.
>If it is less than 7.5 I do nothing.  This way, my sugar always comes down
>as a result of the exercise.

Hmmm. That's intelligent use of active mangement :-) A pre-emptive strike -
I think you'll make a good pumper...

In my case, if I bolus just a unit or two before exercise, it will usually
cause a plunge in my bg - as if the body's insulin sensitivity suddenly
increases. So if there is a meal bolus in the system (say within the
previous hour) I have to take carbohydrate to stop the drop.

But we are surely looking at rather different situations: I have just the
last hour or two's Humalog under the skin, whilst you presumably have
various depots of long acting insulin under the skin as well, and exercise
will increase the absorbtion from these.

But ultimately we each have to find out what works best for ourselves even
if that means - heaven forbid! - ignoring consultant's "general" advice.


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