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Re: [IPk] Re: Very low carb diet

> First, dieticians cannot be expected to lead the charge in medical
>awareness of the ins and outs of pump therapy - that is not their role

Diet has a central role in insulin pump therapy - possibly more so than on
MDI. You are required to understand the relationship between the food you
eat and the extra insulin required to metabolise it. It's generally called
carb counting. In this context it is surely essential that a dietician
treating a pump-user understands the ins and outs of pump therapy. If they
don't, they are inadequately trained for what they are doing.

>The whole point is getting the right levels
>of insulin in the blood at the right time.  I, with my "unstable" version of
>the condition, can get closest to this by having a basal regime which tries
>to anticipate the sharply varying requirements at different times of the
>day, by building up and building down the insulin levels, sometimes in
>anticipation of mealtimes.

I'm slightly confused here, Simon, but I'm sure you understand fully what
you are doing. Do have to gently raise the insulin level before a meal
because your diabetes is so brittle?

For me, one major point of pump therapy is to remove the "have to eat to
stop myself going hypo" factor from my diabetes control.


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