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Re: [IPk] Re: insulin-carb ratios

At 04-04-00 17:09 +0100, you wrote:
>Elizabeth asked:
> >Did anyone out there have their insulin to carb ratio change after they
>started on the pump?  I'm curious because there's generally a relationship
>between total insulin usage and how much insulin you need for a given amount
>of carb.
Re. insulin/carb ratio there is a simple test that can be done to test it. 
Admittadly it is not very pleasant but is accurate. It involves an 
overnight stay in hospital whereby your bg is controlled by the amount of 
glucose administered (through a drip), previously a continuous insulin 
supply is attached at a level calculated from your average daily insulin 
Regarding pumps reducing the rate that would appear to be true in my case 
given that I used up two complete bags of glucose. I was told that no one 
had ever before used even one bag, it was useful because given the insulin 
sensitivity I evidently had the amount of insulin I was using conflicted. 
We then discovered that the pump I was using (a form of Graseby syringe 
driver) required the button to be held in, not just pressed to achieve a 
beep. It turned out I was using about only 1/3rd of the insulin we had 
previously thought. Such was the fun of pumps years ago!
Whether my insulin sensitivity was high before using a pump I do not know, 
but if people want a definite answer it can be found out by doing the above 
test before using a pump and some time later.


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