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[IPk] Re: Post Exercise Highs


	Because my blood sugar peak is sharp - and I take extra insulin to
cover it, I don't ever seem to get ketones.  I have further refined my
theory since I wrote to Balance.  If my starting blood sugar is 7.5mmol or
over I always take 1 or 2 units of insulin and this stops a further rise.
If it is less than 7.5 I do nothing.  This way, my sugar always comes down
as a result of the exercise.

	I have told my consultant this, and after picking him off the floor,
he said that as long as I never took more than 2 units, it was ok.  But this
does really work - it also means I can work out at any intensity and the
impact on my blood sugar is the same.  

	It's all a case of trial and hopefully not too much error!


> Hi Audrey -
> I'm about 2 years ahead of you: 34 and diabetes for 22 years. Since
> starting on the pump 2 years ago I have enjoyed fairly stable  control for
> the first time in my life.
> Changing the subject... I was delighted to read your recent letter
> in
> Balance about exercise and bg's. Balance needs more of this type of
> discussion :-)
> If I've understood you correctly, if you start with a bg above 10,
> it
> rises
> very high, and with a bg in the normal range, it falls. I don't know
> exactly what is going on, but this is a well documented fact in
> medical
> literature. I think it's disgraceful that the British medical
> profession
> leave people to work these things out for themselves! In the US,
> some
> doctors advise people - particularly kids - to not start exercising
> when
> the bg is high for precisely this reason. It can lead rapidly to
> ketosis
> and DKA. I'd be interested to know what level of ketones you show in
> your
> urine at the end of an exercise routine causing your bg to rise
> dramatically.
> I measured my highest ever bg (27) at the end of an afternoon hill
> walking
> in the snow. It had been lowish all day, but when I got home and put
> my
> feet up, it shot through the roof. There could have been a number of
> contributary factors, but I injected Humalog to bring it down, and
> left
> everything else (insulin, infusion set etc) as it was and then
> everything
> was fine. I put it down to hormonal and muscular choas!
> John
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> http://www.webshowcase.net/johnneale

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