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[IPk] Re: Very low carb diet

>I am unsure of your dietitian's approach. As far as I am aware, people
>on pumps can skip meals - when they do this they do not have to give a
>bolus (Ahh, dietary freedom).

Sue - I'll go a step further than Julette, and suggest that your dietician
may not know what she is doing!!! If she thinks that a continuous (and
correctly set) basal rate requires you to "feed" the insulin with
carbohydrate, she has completely misunderstood the whole concept of pump
therapy. The correctly set basal rate simply holds the bg level steady. And
I think it is possibly dangerous that she is giving professional advice to
4 other pumpers. This is why it is important that pump advice is given via
specially trained pump centres, which is what a number of clinics across
the UK are trying to set up.

>As with the whole population there are
>guidelines for healthy eating (there are none specifically for pumpers).
>This includes recommended intakes for carbohydrate, fat, protein,
>alcohol and fibre (as well as other vitamins and minerals).

This is a horribly complex area isn't it. They say that more is understood
about the best diet for chickens than for humans... and certainly there is
no one diet that is ideal for everybody. Different things suit different
people - provided we all get sufficient calories, vitamins and minerals.


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