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Re: [IPk] Motor Insurance

At 12-04-00 10:53 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>My cousin, age 30, on insulin almost since birth (not a pumper) had a car 
>accident while hypo and got banned. She is about to get her license back 
>but cannot find motor insurance at an affordable price. She is trying the 
>BDA brokers but I wondered if anyone could recommend a sympathetic 
>insurance company?
>Ian Grant
Hi Ian,
Having had much fun and otherwise best not used words, with driving 
insurance, including being told by one company that epilepsy was Ok but 
diabetes was not and by another the exact opposite one company that I used 
quite a few times, before the EU regulations were introduced which forbid 
insurance companies discriminating against a person, simply because they a 
disease, was Eagle Star. They were not the cheapest but were not high 
either. In your cousin's situation I would get her to request a written 
statement from the insurance companies giving their reasons for the loading 
or refusal to offer insurance. If they do not do this they are breaking EU 
regulations and it is amazing what one is offered when you tell them that 
you are going to report them to the regulation bodies.
It sounds to me as though they are using her hypo incident as a reason for 
the loading, if she has been granted her license again they are not at 
liberty to do that ( It is the only beneficial reason I have come across 
for joining the EU, since 1974).
The BDA brokers (in my experience) do not offer very good rates but they 
are somewhere to start, if only to get a price to barter against other 
Best of luck,

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