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[IPk] How many basal rates?

Three weeks on the 508 and things are becoming more and more and more and
more and more stable and predictable ... it's almost like being "normal"
again :-) The post-pseudohoneymoon rise in insulin requirement is
definitely here to stay, but now I'm intrigued - to say the least! - by the
number of basal rates I seem to require. Currently on three (daytime .6,
evening .3, nightime .8), after a few days of predictable dawn rises of bg
(from ca. 6 bedtime and nightime to ca. 9 waking) I'm adding a fourth basal
of .9 from 05.30 to 09.30 as from tomorrow .. and although I myself am
quite sceptical, there could be a need for a fifth (!) in the late evening
- early nightime, somewhere between .3 and .8. It's frightening to think
that for the last twenty years or so I tackled my numerous varying basal
requirements with just one jab of - yuk! - Monotard, sounds a bit like
trying to repair a mechanical wristwatch with a one inch spanner ...

I would like to hear from anyone who also has four or more basals.



Dr Gianfranco Novarino

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