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[IPk] Very low carb diet

>Pat - you are right - counting carbohydrates is only one way to manage
>your diabetes. Fat and firbe anecdotally have a role to play as does the
>type of insulin you are on and its interaction with the glycaemic index.
>Alcohol and exercise also throw a spanner into the works - as does
>digestion rates and type of additives eaten (eg: spices etc..). I would
>generally work on the premise of carb counting but taking note of all
>these other factors. Your ratio seems to alter during the day at times
>(unless you finely adjust your basal rate). There are so many factors in
>the mix - I think it is better to treat the individual and also consider
>weight  - which is where the calories comes in. But self-experience is
>the best from your diabetes. julette :)

But isn't Sue on a very low carb diet by choice? Her basal rate should
therefore be covering most of her insulin needs and there should be no need
for a meal bolus. The calories she eats (fat and protein) are not converted
rapidly to blood glucose.

Certainly Sue's diet sounds very healthy to me - if a little severe for my
own cultural and personal tastes :-) The beauty of the pump is that you can
eat virtually whatever you like, and take whatever insulin in required. And
that is best established by trial and error. If her clincal team are
forcing her to change her diet to suit some textbook example of how to use
a pump, I would ask them why this is necessary.

When I started on a pump, my problem was in relearning how to respond to
that "I'm hungry" signal - for the previous  20 years I had had to ignore
it and eat whatever my bg and insulin demanded. Now I was free to do what I
liked :-)


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