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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #230


I'm Sue from Australia.  Have been a diabetic and on insulin for 49 years.
Got a Minimed pump 2 months ago which cost $6,250.00 and it costs approx.
$250.00 per month for infusion sets and syringes so it definitely is not
cheap and there is no assistance financially here.  I saved for years to
purchase the pump.  Now this may sound weird but the biggest problem that I
find with the pump is the carb. counting.

As I have been a diabetic since I was 4 I have really spend my whole life
eating meals that contained hardly any carbohydrates and now find that with
the pump the insulin bolus are calculated on the carbos you eat.  For lunch
at work I would usually have a tin of tuna and some lettuce and tomato - but
have been told that does not contain carbos. For tea maybe a piece of steak
with a salad - again - no carbos.  I do not eat rice, hardly any bread, no
cereals potatoes rarely and am having the time of my life trying to find
foods with carbos in them that I enjoy eating.  Has anyone else had this
problem or is it just me who has eating a very low carb diet for most of
their life and finds it very difficult to change when on the pump.

Regards to all

Sue G-B

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