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Hi Sara -

You wrote:

In 1998 I was put on
Humalog, which has afforded me an amount of closer control, as, for
example, when I go swimming. But now my consultant wants to put me bac on
Mixtard. I dread it, since when I was on Mixtard I was like a walking
roller coaster.

Well, if you don't want it, tell you're consultant no.  I know it can be 
very difficult to stand up to your doctor, but if you know it's bad for you, 
you have to say no.  It's quite probable the consultant just wants to change 
your insulin because he/she is more familiar with it, and not because it's 
any good for you.  I won't go into one of my rants about doctors not 
listening to their patients, not helping them reach their health targets, 
etc.  But I will tell you, just say no!

As far as pumps go, you're probably best off doing a good bit of research on 
pumps yourself and presenting it to your GP and consultant.  It will be 
useful if you can get your GP behind you, because if the consultant is 
ignorant/scared of technology/fill in the blank and won't listen, the GP may 
be able to find you someone who will.  If you go to the consultant and say 
'what about a pump', they are likely to say no, but if you present them with 
information, they're more likely to listen to your views.

Good luck.

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