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[IPk] Decreasing vs. increasing basal requirements

Herr John N. the infallible is right once again! :-)

After a constantly decreasing basal requirement during week 1, week 2
has brought my basals back up again. I am now running on .6 from 0930 to
1730, .4 from 1730 to 2230 and .8 from 2230 to 0930. The constantly
decreasing requirement during the 24 hour cycle is very steady and
predictable, most likely in relation to my extreme sensitivity to
physical activity (also explaining the higher nightime basal). Overall
my daily totals are now up from 28 to ca. 34 U, which is still a drop
from 40-45 on MDI. My bg's are levelling out, especially during the
night (last night best night ever so far on the pump, fell asleep with
5.6 and woke up with 6.0) although post-meals are still a bit erratic, I
probably need to work out my true carb ratio once and for all (although
I think it may vary according to the time of the day). But  still in the
last week I've re-gained about half the weight I had lost so my
metabolism must be settling down. Don't know why the first experience on
the pump should be that of a drop and then an increase in insulin
requirements. Maybe it's got something to do with the liver, reacting
for the first time since diagnosis to a physiological (= constant
low-level) delivery of insulin? Perhaps this causes it to break down
less glycogen into glucose and convert more glucose into glycogen until
a new equilibrium is reached, after which insulin requirements go back
up again? Anyway, just a few thoughts for the inquisitive to ponder
about ...


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