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Re: [IPk] Re: No longer a pre-pumper

Hi Franco (of the six espresso pots!) -

I will not pretend to understand what effects the body's insulin
sensitivity (although I'm sure many doctors would). But it is a well
observed fact that the amount of insulin required can go down substantially
(all other things being equal) after starting on a pump, before rising
slightly later on.

There is certainly something complex and subtle going on.

>*Any* level of physical activity seems to affect my basal
>requirements by quite a bit (we're talking about the difference between
>sitting in front of the computer for half an hour and walking up two
>flights of stairs to go to the gents'), which might perhaps explain the
>apparent higher nightime requirement.

My life is by turns intensely sedantary then very active. When I am in
sedantory mode, suddenly action can flip my bg too. Caveat infusor. Test
and respond... or predict and provide. Riding a bike seems to help though.

>If I really have to get some exercise I'd rather lift crates of grapes and
>dump the contents in the barrels, there is a good purpose to that ...

We look forward to helping you :-)

At my recent check-up, I had lost another 4kg (8lbs) without trying. Not
sure what's going on, but fatherhood may have something to do with it, and
using a bike as my principal means of transport is *definitely* the best
health decision I ever made. And my morning ride along the Salzach is very


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