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Re: [IPk] takeaway questions for research....

>How often would you have takeaway food (Chinese, pizza, fish & chips) in
>a month?

Varies a lot. We tend to "eat out" rather than "take away". Does that count?

>How successful do you feel you are at adjusting your insulin dose to
>these meals (ie: without correction bolus)?

Always hit and miss. Alcohol usually confuses the issue. Pizza is a bugger
and I tend to avoid it now, as it can "hit" me in a big way some hours
later - typically during the night causing a v. high bg (wake up, go to
loo, take correction bolus etc). I tend not to use the square-wave bolus as
I can still go hypo before the pizza carbs kick in. I'm sure I could
achieve better results - diabetes is a on-going learning process - but I am
a lazy chap by nature.

Chinese I find ok. I bolus by eye for the rice, and a bit extra for the sauce.

>Do you have difficulty estimating the carbohydrate content of these

Yes! Fish and chips are VERY hard - the amount of fat and water in a bag of
chips varies substantially, and so does the carb content.

Everyone has their own method, and the classic one is to count the carbs
and divide by the carb/insulin ratio, but I find eye-balling quite
effective: I look at the food and based on my previous experience of that
sort of dish the amount of insulin I will need becomes apparent to me. Not
something for the beginner to do, but something many do instinctively once
they've been pumping for a while. It's a bit like estimating how much your
trolley of shopping will cost while standing in the queue at the check-out
- you can normally get a fairly accurate answer by looking at it rather
than adding it all up.


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