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[IPk] Re: insulin-carb ratios

Elizabeth asked:
>Did anyone out there have their insulin to carb ratio change after they 
started on the pump?  I'm curious because there's generally a relationship 
between total insulin usage and how much insulin you need for a given amount 
of carb.

On MDI, my ratios were a little hard to define, but essentially, yes, mine
increased from around 1 unit /10g carb to 1unit/15g carb. This might mena
that I am now more sensitive to insulin, or it might just mean that some of
my meal insulin was covering my basal rates, or a combination of the two.
on MDI I was never able to define the ratio very clearly.
Personally, I think the change in total insulin usage is more to do with
the lack of long-acting insulin. I definitely take less Humalog per
meal than I did before, but even when I didn't have any carbs, I still
needed some Humalog.
I think it's probably unlikely that you can predict this in advance, since
everyone is so different.

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