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[IPk] (Fwd) Pumps in UK

For those who don't know. 
I've added this link to our LINKS page

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Subject:       Pumps in UK

There is an increasing interest in Insulin pumps in the UK, and I
understand this may be of interest to your group. My company has been
representing pump manufacturers and suppliers in the UK for the past
17 years, and we currently have about 200 patients on our books.
Currently our principle supplier is MIniMed, with whom we are working
on their new blood glucose sensor. We have the broadest range of
support experience in the UK.

If you have any members from the UK who would like more information
about us they can see our pages at www.applied-medical.co.uk or e-mail
me at email @ redacted

Congratulations on a very informative page which I visit regularly

Ray Morrissey

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