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Re: [IPk] more ranting about the clinic

> Anyway, she mentioned that she had used ot use the Quick Release
> Sofsets but had them "taken away" from her by the clinic becasue she
> had had problems with no delivery alarms when disconnecting and
> reconnecting. She now can't go swimming unless she does it just before
> her site change, and hates not having the QRs, but the clinic won't
> let her have them any more, instead of trying to help her solve the
> problem.

Bloody amazing :-(

Silhouettes have been around here over a year, and Tenders, which are
the same product, much longer. Does anyone out there actually educate
these pump centres?

Why would the SofSet QR cause no delivery alarms on disconnection? You
leave the damn thing running, so the insulin dribbles out. It sounds to
me like to me like stupidity compounded by ignorance.

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