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Re: [IPk] alarming pumps

Di -

You might want to keep cool on this one. I've been through periods of
having a lot of no delivery alarms, and then they disappear for no
reason. I've never worked out why they come in phases. It's possible
that you have an old box of cartridges that are getting sticky. My new
ones certainly seem smoother. Or it may be stress related where the body
isolates and blocks the tip of the cannula.

Get Minimed to send you a proper 506 manual if you haven't one already,
and work out a fool-proof method of clearing the alarm. The buttons on
the Minimed pumps are a bugger. They bounce sometimes, or don't respond
other times.

Have you not sorted out a procedure for checking the system for air? It
seems a bit dumb to be waiting for a mega-high bg in order to notice
you're pumping air. If you use the 3ml full-fill method, you can get
away with one cartridge change a week possibly. Can you not have the
nurse at your doctor's surgery check it over every Monday morning? It
may involve a slight loss of independence, but since one reason for
going on the pump is to improve your control in the long-run, and stop
yourself going any blinder, it would seem a sensible compromise.

Or could they pre-fill 4 or 5 cartridges and infusion lines for the
month, and you store them in your fridge. Not sure what the implications
are for crystalisation in the tube, or degradation in the cartrige.
Minimed team? Ideas?


Diana Maynard wrote:
> I had more problems with air bubbles this morning after changing the
> reservoir and tubing. FIrst I knew of it was when I tarted to feel
> high during my Braille class. Tested and found I was at 20 mmol/l (an
> hour earlier I had been at 10).
> After a lot of playing around I finally thought I had it sorted, put
> in a bolus and halfway through it started alarming. It was so strange -
> evryone in the class thought I was about to drop down dead! As if it somehow
> alarmed when my Bg was too high or low.
> I wish!
> I got the no delivery message, and as before, I couldn't turn it off -
> pressing SEL then ACT didn't work nor did anything else I tried, so I
> had to take the batteries out. Then when I put them back in I got the
> message ALARM: AL57 (I think, or something like that) while it carried on
> alarming. Finally it stopped by itself. Anyone know what this means and why I
> couldn't switch off the alarm?

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