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Re: [IPk] Removing Glue

Yes - SkinPrep is just another swab with a highly volatile solvent -
isopropyl I think. It happens to have a bit of funny stuff in it that is
left behind on evaporation.

You might get some straight alcohol swabs. Easier to use than a spray on
bottle. I remember some confusion over what was prescribable and what
had to be bought - but that's frankly irrelevent, since it was 1 for a
box of 100 or something.


Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi Natty
> Perversely I discovered that using Skin Prep (the stuff you can use to
> make it stick in the first place) after you've taken it off helps get rid of the glue.
> Weird but true....
> i think you're supposed to use alcohol. That usually gets most sticky
> things off. But since I don't have any (and I aint going to waste my
> whisky <g>).
> Di

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