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[IPk] alarming pumps

I had more problems with air bubbles this morning after changing the
reservoir and tubing. FIrst I knew of it was when I tarted to feel
high during my Braille class. Tested and found I was at 20 mmol/l (an
hour earlier I had been at 10).

After a lot of playing around I finally thought I had it sorted, put
in a bolus and halfway through it started alarming. It was so strange -
evryone in the class thought I was about to drop down dead! As if it somehow
alarmed when my Bg was too high or low.
I wish!

I got the no delivery message, and as before, I couldn't turn it off -
pressing SEL then ACT didn't work nor did anything else I tried, so I
had to take the batteries out. Then when I put them back in I got the
message ALARM: AL57 (I think, or something like that) while it carried on
alarming. Finally it stopped by itself. Anyone know what this means and why I
couldn't switch off the alarm?

I was thinking how lucky it was that I didn't have the pump in an
obscure place, as I had been planning to do. The of course I realised
it was the one time it wouldn't have mattered, since everyone else
in the Braille class was blind anyway!!!


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