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Re: [IPk] finding sites that work

I found that if you go in to shallow it really stings and if you go in too deep it hurts at the time as you hit the nerves of the muscle and i can promise you that you know about it. The angle is about 30 degrees and i know someone has said that its like a plane landing, this is exactly right, it you imagine that in your head with your eyes closed you should get it in the right angle.

At 16:46 28/04/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi nathan
>I wasn't saying the problem was that I can't tell how deep or shallow
>I'm inserting it. I can tell that by feel. I know how deep I have been
>inserting it, as John said, it might just be that I am going too deep.
>The doorstop idea is interesting. I'm not sure I'd want to add a
>doorstop to my list of things to carry around permanently with me
>though! I'm happy to have got rid of the Sofserter and the bulkier
>P.S. Your friend's right about the relaxing and closing your eyes. It's far
>less frustrating to do things with you reyes closed than to try and
>look at what you're doing when you can't see it properly. That's why
>I don't look when I put the needle in,
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