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Re: [IPk] finding sites that work

Is there anything you can do about your eye sight as this maybe the main problem rather than the pump itself.  A friend of mine lost most of his sight some years ago and he told me that he could do things much better if he closed his eyes, relaxed and then did whatever he had to do by feel.

I have a really mad idea that may just work, go down to your local hardware type shop and get a wooden door stop, they tend to be angled at about 35 to 45 degrees which would be fine for injectecting the tender. You would line up where you want the point to go in and then slide it down the doorstop, as i say this may sound mad but hey it might work.


At 15:44 28/04/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>I think it's a case of hitting muscle. It doesn't hurt going in but
>when I move around it starts to hurt.
>I did put one in right in the middle of a large muscle area in my
>stomach (although I have a lot of fat there I also have a lot of
>muscle underneath) which was obviously a bad spot to choose.
>I don't actually look where I'm putting it or hwo I'm putting it in (since I
>woudn't see
>anything worthwhile anyway), I just feel, so I may be putting it in
>too deep and hitting muscle. I'm a bit scared of putting it in too shallow.
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