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Re: [IPk] finding sites that work

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Do other people get a lot of bad sites or is it just a case of me
> figuring out what works for me?

I personally go quite shallow, where there's plenty of fat, and I change
every 2 days. Maybe 1 in 10 times I put an infusion set in and think
"that's not comfortable". If I leave it, I get trouble the next day. So
I whip it out and put a new one in elsewhere. 

Remember: skin has nerves, muscle has lots of nerves (think how much
they can ache after exessive use), but fat has very few nerves. That's
why we stick it in fat. Any idea what is hurting exactly? Is the tip of
the infusion set touching the fat/muscle boundary? Or is there a problem
at the skin surface?

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