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[IPk] finding sites that work

I realise that this is probably just part of "figuring out what works"
with the pump, but I seem to be wasting a lot of sets trying to find
sites which work for me.

I've gone through 6 sets in the last week. I know I'm not paying for
them but I don't like to use so many. For example, this morning I put
in a tender further round to the side, thought it was fine, and then
by the time I had got halfway into work it was really hurting and I
had to take it out and change it. I think I went into muscle....
I don't seem to be able to go for more than 2 days at the moment
without the site beginning to hurt. Maybe I'm being too cautious, I
don't know. Doesn't bother me changing that often but it just seems a
waste of sets.

Do other people get a lot of bad sites or is it just a case of me
figuring out what works for me? 

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