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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

OK Di ,
What you need is a ' thigh thing ' which is a supportive elastic band with a
small pump pocket inside it .
You wear  the 'thing ' at the top of your leg where it is secure but not too
tight and put the pump safely inside .
Everything holds in place and is totally discreet .

If your dress rides up whilst performing it will just look like a stocking
top . It comes in black or white and can be got through Ray .
Of course you can always add sequins to it as well .

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: 27 April 1999 10:23
Subject: Re: [IPk] dancing part2

>Hi Morag
>Thanks for the suggestions.
>Unfortunately it's not so easy.
>Latin dresses don't have sleeves (in fact they don't have much of
>Also having the tubing around my arm would be a bit awkward for dancing.
>How does the bra pouch work?
>I looked at the pictures on the Internet but you can't actually see it
>at all!
>You can't actually wear a bra with the competition dresses (they have cups
>in) but you might be able to attach the thing to the actual dress.
>I am thinking maybe a Velcro strip sewn into the dress into the
>appropriate place might work. Otherwise it's just going to have to be
>covering my pump in bright pink Lycra and sewing sequins on it!
>I know this topic about how to wear the pump probably sounds really trivial
to most of you but
>given how much time I spend dancing (and how much of a difference even
>little things about costumes make in competitions, even though they
>shouldn't), it is important to me.
>> Diana ,
>> For competition dancing you could wear an 'arm thing' which conceals the
>> pump under a short sleeve [ as worn by Miss America ] or a bra pouch , if
>> you fancy this idea ?!
>> Morag
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