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[IPk] basel rates + exercise

Hi Di, you're the dancer right?

when I go to the gym to 1 or 2 hours I reduce my basel to 30% or 40% 
an hour before (I'm on Humalog, with Actrapid reduce it 2 hours 
before) and put it back to normal 1/2 hour before I stop exercising. 
With acrapid I had to reduce it to 70% or 80% for a couple of hours 
after exercising. I usually exercise with B.G at 10mmol to be safe. 
Hope this is of some help.

If I go to a night club I don't usually reduce it at all because I'm 
usually drinking. Half way through the night I usually have a drink of 
normal cola and have a bit of bread when I get in... if i can stomache 

bye! Ele

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