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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

Thanks JD1 :-)
that's very useful and seems to make sense.
Dancing got cancelled last night so I didn't get the chance to try
keeping the pump on with a lower basal.

Will do tonight though.

I'm figuring on average it will be medium exercise for 2 1/2 hours.
I was planning to eat about 10g carbs first with no bolus (assuming a
normal BG) and decrease my basal rate by 50% starting half  an hour
before and then test at the end and adjust accordingly. That seems to
be more or less in line with other people's suggestions and your info.

My BGs are definitely settling down a lot.
Even changed infusion set and refilled the reservoir last night with no air
bubble problems (so far).

P.S. None of you are interfering old b*****ds :-)
with the possible exception of John N when he starts nagging <vbg>. 

> Hi Di
> I thought you be interested in the info I received when I was trained on the
> pump. My trainer was Prof R Hoogma who has over 200 pump patients in his
> clinic.
> Physical activity and inulin requirements:
> Reduced insulin delivery for...      Light activity    Medium activity
> Heavy activity
> Bolus                                                50-100%            50%
> 0%
> Basal rate "during"                                50%                0%
> 0% + carbohydrates
> Basal rate "after"                            100%*                100%*
> 50%
> * After physical activity in the evening hours, the basal rate should remain
> at 75% during the following night.
> After sport:
> Sugar reserves in the muscular system and liver are empty and are being
> refilled.
>     Increased withdrawal of sugar from blood.
>     Blood sugar drops.
> ! Danger of hypoglycemia. This filling effect can last for several hours, in
> extreme cases even days!
> I don't know if this is of use to you. I am sorry that I did not let you
> have it before, but as you know I have been "House sitting" for the last 2
> weeks and I did not have it with me.
> I am pleased that Morag is in contact now, I don't feel such an interfering
> old B****R now.
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