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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

Hi Morag
Thanks for the suggestions.
Unfortunately it's not so easy.
Latin dresses don't have sleeves (in fact they don't have much of anything).

Also having the tubing around my arm would be a bit awkward for dancing.
How does the bra pouch work? 
I looked at the pictures on the Internet but you can't actually see it
at all!
You can't actually wear a bra with the competition dresses (they have cups sewn
in) but you might be able to attach the thing to the actual dress. Otherwise
I am thinking maybe a Velcro strip sewn into the dress into the
appropriate place might work. Otherwise it's just going to have to be
covering my pump in bright pink Lycra and sewing sequins on it!

I know this topic about how to wear the pump probably sounds really trivial to most of you but
given how much time I spend dancing (and how much of a difference even
little things about costumes make in competitions, even though they
shouldn't), it is important to me.
> Diana ,
> For competition dancing you could wear an 'arm thing' which conceals the
> pump under a short sleeve [ as worn by Miss America ] or a bra pouch , if
> you fancy this idea ?!
> Morag
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