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Re: [IPk] inserting Tenders


It doesn't matter with any needle Tender or otherwise.  What John Davis said
was very true you have to put the tender in with a smooth firm action, going
in at about 30 degrees or as one person put it like a plane coming in to
land.  Any hesutation and you are like to get rucking up of the teflon

Best wishes

John H
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 26 April 1999 11:04
Subject: [IPk] inserting Tenders

>I've heard various different things about which way to insert Tenders.
>Do you think it matters which way round you insert it (ie if the
>needle should be pointing up/down/left/right?
>I've used both sides and both times put the needle in pointing to the
>left, as I would with a normal injection.
>I remember being told with syringes always to point the needle towards your
>heart, but that's a load of **** in mu opinion!
>The one I put in my left
>side started hurting after a day and I had to change it. The one I put
>in my right side (needle pointing to the left) I've had in for 2 1/2
>days and it feels fine (though I'll change it tomorrow morning, if not
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