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Re: [IPk] no insulin alarm

Diana ,
When your reservoir is empty you will get a message on the screen that says
NO DELIVERY and the pump will give 6 beeps every minute.
If you don't clear this message after 10 mins. by pressing SELECT and
ACTIVATE  the pump will start to give a siren alarm every minute.
To clear this wait for the siren to stop then press select and act again.

A good rule of thumb is to check the amount of insulin remaining every
morning by looking thru the window and changing before going out , to work
etc, if you don't have enough insulin left to get you through the day .
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: 26 April 1999 18:05
Subject: Re: [IPk] no insulin alarm

>Oh, no volume setting on the 506 :-(
>Or at least if hter eis I haven't found it yet.
>Wish there was.
>When I had the no delivery before I didn't get the beeps, just the
>wailing. Or maybe I just didn't hear them.
>The wailing siren seemed much louder than the beeps but maybe that's
>just because it's continuous.
>> Diana Maynard wrote
>> >
>> > Hi Ray,
>> > Thanks for the info.
>> > I take it this is a continuous sounding alarm then?
>> > Is it activated by the plunger getting to the end of the reservoir?
>> > I assume as people have mentioned about still having all the insulin
>> > left in the tube to use.
>> The MiniMed pumps have no way of detecting an empty reservoir as such.
>> The drive screw merely becomes hard to turn, since it's pushing a
>> plunger against the end of the reservoir, and an alarm sounds. It has no
>> way of knowing if the pressure build up was caused by a blockage in the
>> tubing, or an empty cartridge.
>> > I'll be esepcially careful not to run out when I have the pump in an
>> > awkward place or it could be a bit embarrassing if the alarm goes off!
>> On my 507 it starts with a discreet few beeps. Then a few more beeps.
>> Then it progresses, and eventually becomes a wailing siren... I have
>> twice had my pump proceed to the wailing stage. Once on the London
>> Underground, and once walking down a very noisey main road.
>> Do bear in mind that the so-called volume setting on the 507 (and
>> presumeably the 506) is not in fact volume, but merely length of beep.
>> The speaker hardware is only capable of one volume. So if a quiet beep
>> can't be heard above the ambient noise level, nor will the loud beep...
>> John
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