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Re: [IPk] no insulin alarm

> Hi Ray, 
> Thanks for the info.
> I take it this is a continuous sounding alarm then?
> Is it activated by the plunger getting to the end of the reservoir?
> I assume as people have mentioned about still having all the insulin
> left in the tube to use.

Probably not. If you run out, there are a couple of things you can 

If you have a standard insulin syringe, you can draw insulin from the 
leur lock of the pump syringe. There is quite a bit that remains 
there even when the syringe bottoms.

You can also "carefully" disconnect the leur lock, draw air into the 
pump syringe, put it back in the pump and seat the pump arms with a 
bolus, then re-connect the leur lock. The pump will then push air 
into the delivery line allowing you to use the 20 odd remaining units 
in the line (assuming a long line). My daughter has done this once 
at school when she ran out of insulin. I guess it's not too hard 
since she managed it without any assistance.
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