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Re: [IPk] no insulin alarm

Diana Maynard wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> Thanks for the info.
> I take it this is a continuous sounding alarm then?
> Is it activated by the plunger getting to the end of the reservoir?
> I assume as people have mentioned about still having all the insulin
> left in the tube to use.

The MiniMed pumps have no way of detecting an empty reservoir as such.
The drive screw merely becomes hard to turn, since it's pushing a
plunger against the end of the reservoir, and an alarm sounds. It has no
way of knowing if the pressure build up was caused by a blockage in the
tubing, or an empty cartridge.

> I'll be esepcially careful not to run out when I have the pump in an
> awkward place or it could be a bit embarrassing if the alarm goes off!

On my 507 it starts with a discreet few beeps. Then a few more beeps.
Then it progresses, and eventually becomes a wailing siren... I have
twice had my pump proceed to the wailing stage. Once on the London
Underground, and once walking down a very noisey main road.

Do bear in mind that the so-called volume setting on the 507 (and
presumeably the 506) is not in fact volume, but merely length of beep.
The speaker hardware is only capable of one volume. So if a quiet beep
can't be heard above the ambient noise level, nor will the loud beep...

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