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Re: [IPk] more (slight) problems

> Hello Diana ,
> Do you have any areas of scar tissue that could be causing poor absorption ?
> You may find that you have some areas that absorb well  and give great
> control and others that don't .

how do I know if I do?
Could be, although I'm trying to use areas I've never used before for the moment.
i did overuse my stomach for injections for a while some months ago, so that could be the case.

> Do you have a sliding scale for giving supplemental doses of insulin for
> when you are high ?

I've got that one figured out pretty much.
I seem to be OK on getting that one right and being able to bring down high Bgs safely.

> I can provide you with a simple method for calculating the amount of extra
> insulin that you need to bring you down to your target range .
> How many units per day do you use on average ?

At the moment about 35-40.

> It does look as if you need a second basal rate at night but we would need
> to have B/G readings for a few nights to establish this .
> The recommendation would be to add a second rate starting at 2-3am until
> approx. 9am .Usually you would start the second rate at 1.5-2 times rate one
> .

Oh really? I didn't realise it was that much.

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