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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

> Hi Diana ,
> We have some supportive elasticated cases available that hold the pump
> securely whilst dancing or exercising . Let me know if this would help .

Thanks - that might be an idea. 
How do they attach to your clothes?

Also, I was discussing with some friends yesterday and we were
wondering if it's possible that vigorous activity could upset the
mechanism of the pump, given that it's quite intricate. not that i was
intending doing anything too violent with it attached, but just out of
curiosity. For example, people have mentioned that one of the reaasons
pumps can't be made to vibrate instead of beep is because making the
pump vibrate in that way could upset the mechanism.

> As yet there are no clear exercise guidelines for use with lispro but given
> the rapid action and clearance of lispro I think that you will need to use a
> temporary basal rate during active dance to allow for the glucose to reach
> your muscles .
> A suggestion would be to reduce your basal rate by approx. 50% during
> exercise and of course to monitor closely .

thanks. That's the conclusion I was coming to.
i'll see what happens tonight.

> Diabetologists do seem to agree that the best time to take exercise is
> approx. 3 hours after a bolus of lispro as the action of the bolus will be
> mostly completed and there is less risk of hypo at this time .
yes, I try and do this where possible. Usually it's a lot longer than
that anyway, e.g. I have lunch at about 1pm and start dancing at about
6 or 7pm. And don't bolus and eat until about 10 or 11pm.

> Disconnecting is great for shorter periods of exercise [ usual
> recommendation is a max. of 1-1.5 hrs ] You may find that you need a small
> bolus with your snack prior to exercise and then disconnecting .
> Check B/G  after exercise and then  give a corrective bolus as needed on
> reconnecting if you use this option .

Ah, I didn't know about the max time. That's the conclusion I'd come to

thanks for the very useful info, Morag.
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