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Re: [IPk] more (slight) problems

Hello Diana ,
Do you have any areas of scar tissue that could be causing poor absorption ?
You may find that you have some areas that absorb well  and give great
control and others that don't .

Do you have a sliding scale for giving supplemental doses of insulin for
when you are high ?
I can provide you with a simple method for calculating the amount of extra
insulin that you need to bring you down to your target range .
How many units per day do you use on average ?
Let me know and I can give you the simple formula .

For your basals I'd suggest increasing by .1units if B/G is high for a 2 day
period or decreasing by .1units if B/G is low for a 2 day period .

It does look as if you need a second basal rate at night but we would need
to have B/G readings for a few nights to establish this .
The recommendation would be to add a second rate starting at 2-3am until
approx. 9am .Usually you would start the second rate at 1.5-2 times rate one

If you give me your address Diana I can send you some more CSII guidelines
for dose adjustments .
Best wishes
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 23 April 1999 17:13
Subject: [IPk] more (slight) problems

>Today my BG has been running high all day (keeps going up to abut 15)
>it responds appropriately to any boluses but the basal doesn't seem to be
doing much.
>A week ago I was using a slightly lower basal and was running on the low
>If it is an absorption problem I would imagine it wouldn't respond properly
to the boluses either.
>At the moment I am using 0.8 during the day and 0.9 at night *though I
>intend splitting the night one into 2 when I've figured it out.
>Do I keep increasing the basals for now?
>I am trying to test them but can't do it properly at the moment
>because I can't get a stable normal reading to start it with.
>I tried basal testing last night but gave up at 5am and took a high bG
>here are my last few readings:
>8pm last night 7
>9.30pm 3.7
>11pm 8
>2am 15
>5am 16
>7am 12
>9am 5
>12pm 16
>3pm 6
>5pm 13
>Any thoughts?
>I'm going to be in meetings all tomorrow so don't particularly want to
>be hypo or my presentations won't make much sense!
>I'm thinking to increase all the basals by 0.1 and go from there for
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