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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

> Re the dancing - on Friday my Bg shot from 4 to 16 in 3 hours of dancing
> (disconnected), so I fear I am
> going to have to keep the pump on while dancing. it's so unpredictable
> in terms of activity level that at least then I can alter it as
> necessary during the evening. Any more than 2 hours (which it usually
> is) and I don't think I can really stay disconnected.
> I'm going to try tonight with half my usual basal rate and see what
> happens.
> Di

My hunch is you're best to reduce your basal slightly, but not
disconnect. Find something suitable to clip you pump to. This where
woman's ingenuity comes in. The US list may be your best source of
advice at present. Adapted lycra cycle shorts, thigh-thingys... you name
it. At the end of the day, you're unlikely to be penalised for being
seen to wear an insulin pump. More likely to provoke interest.

If you have unexepected activity, it's much easier to raise your bg with
4 or 5 glucose tablets than it is to reduce it suddenly with extra

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