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Re: [IPk] more (slight) problems

> >A week ago I was using a slightly lower basal and was running on the low
> side. 
> This might have been caused by the slow winding down of various deposits of
> long acting insulin. I've heard tales it taking up to a week before you are
> running on the pump insulin alone.

yes, I wondered about that too.

> Or it might have been connected with your menstrual cycle. Your insulin
> requirements may well change at different times of the month. That's
> something else you've got to measure. Read the How-To on the IP site.

I thought about that one too and was expecting exactly the opposite to happen.....

> Is you infusion set OK... intermittent air in the system etc etc

As far as I can tell. Ian and Rhoda looked at  it yesterday and couldn't see any air.
I think the basal was just set too low.
Oh, I've just thought - I haven't been doing any exercise for the last
week. (slaps head). Since I normally do at least an hour a day (in
addition to walking) that's bound to make a difference too.

> Have you got the Manchester head cold which is doing the rounds at present?
> I have, but it doesn't seem to be pushing up my bg.

Not yet.
> What foods are you eating?

Pretty much normal things. Being very careful with that.

> Sorry to nag... but once you are settled in with the basics of the
> hardware, you should knuckle down, clear your decks of all unpredictables,
> and set your basal rates correctly. Get your presentation out of the way
> tomorrow, then take 2 weeks off dancing and work-outs.

no way. Nag all you want but I'm not stopping dancing for 2 weeks!
As I said, I think not exercising actually makes things too abnormal.
it's like trying to get controlled while you're in hospital. Doesn't
work for the same reason.

 You'll thank
> yourself in the long run. Every day that you delay, you're delaying the
> chance to get some good control...

As I said, I am trying to get the basals done as soon as I can/
However, finding a time when I can start the test with a normal Bg
and be able to carry it out effectively isn't easy (and beyond my

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