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Re: [IPk] dancing part2

Hi John, 
yes so far I've done two.
First one was somethign like:
11pm 7
2am 12
5am 15
7am 16

Second one was something like
11pm 7
3 am 7
6am 7
7am 13

Wil do a few more  before I draw any conclusions.
At the moment I am on basal rates of 1 from midnight to 9am
and 0.9 from 9am to midnight.

But the last 2 days I've crashed at about 9/10am so think 9am is
probably too late to make the change in profiles.

I've accidentally done some daytime basal testing (e.g. didn't get lunch
until nearly 3pm on Saturday because of the meetings) and things seem
pretty steady during the day.
I think that for basal testing during the day I should do it on an
average kind of day which hasn't been possible yet :-(
Re the dancing - on Friday my Bg shot from 4 to 16 in 3 hours of dancing
(disconnected), so I fear I am
going to have to keep the pump on while dancing. it's so unpredictable
in terms of activity level that at least then I can alter it as
necessary during the evening. Any more than 2 hours (which it usually
is) and I don't think I can really stay disconnected. 
I'm going to try tonight with half my usual basal rate and see what

> Di
> Another thought
> Have you ever done an overnight bg proffile?  It's a real pain but doing
> them every 2 hours will enable to tie your basal rates down pretty closely.
> You will then see what is happening in that critical period between 12
> midnight and 8.00am - Best to do this when you intend to have the following
> day off!
> Best wishes
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