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Re: [IPk] Question ?


Another thought

If the bolus is large ie greater than 8 iu then you may benefit from eg
taking half of the bolus at the start of the meal and the rest approx half
way through.  Soluble insulins contain preservatives which have been known
to cause discomfort in some people

Discuss the bolus splitting approach with Joan

Best wishes

John H
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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 24 April 1999 19:57
Subject: Re: [IPk] Question ?

>>I have changed the tender for the first time and seem to be getting
>>a stinging hot pain when the bolus goes in, it all looks ok and is fine
>>the rest of the time.
>>Any ideas why this might be ?  I am wondering if i have not gone in
>>deep enough ?
>>My BGs are great, really coming together well so no problems there.
>Natty - Some people on the US list report this occasionally, but I've never
>experienced it. It seems to be a problem peculiar to Humalog. It's more
>likely to be that you're going in too deep, and injecting near the muscle
>layer, which of course has lots of nerves in it.
>I think it may be related to large boluses, rather than small ones.
>If the problem persists, it's a valid reason to change the site.
>John N
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