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Re: [IPk] Question ?


Possibly you haven,t gone in deep enough.  Are you keeping the insulin you
are using in the fridge and then not allowing it to come to room temperature
before you use it.

Soluble insulin is pretty robust and you dont really need to keep it in the
fridge, Pain on injection/infusion is usually due to insulin being too cold.
Have a word with Joan to see if she has experienced this before or give
Trevor Gale a call-do you have his number/

Best wishes

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From: Nathan Wright <email @ redacted>
To: PUMPERS, Insulin <email @ redacted>
Date: 24 April 1999 13:02
Subject: [IPk] Question ?

>I have changed the tender for the first time and seem to be getting a
stinging hot pain when the bolus goes in, it all looks ok and is fine the
rest of the time.
>Any ideas why this might be ?  I am wondering if i have not gone in deep
enough ?
>My BGs are great, really coming together well so no problems there.
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