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Re: [IPk] Question ?

>I have changed the tender for the first time and seem to be getting
>a stinging hot pain when the bolus goes in, it all looks ok and is fine
>the rest of the time.
>Any ideas why this might be ?  I am wondering if i have not gone in
>deep enough ?
>My BGs are great, really coming together well so no problems there.

Natty - Some people on the US list report this occasionally, but I've never
experienced it. It seems to be a problem peculiar to Humalog. It's more
likely to be that you're going in too deep, and injecting near the muscle
layer, which of course has lots of nerves in it.

I think it may be related to large boluses, rather than small ones.

If the problem persists, it's a valid reason to change the site.

John N
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