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Re: [IPk] more (slight) problems

>A week ago I was using a slightly lower basal and was running on the low

This might have been caused by the slow winding down of various deposits of
long acting insulin. I've heard tales it taking up to a week before you are
running on the pump insulin alone.

Or it might have been connected with your menstrual cycle. Your insulin
requirements may well change at different times of the month. That's
something else you've got to measure. Read the How-To on the IP site.

>If it is an absorption problem I would imagine it wouldn't respond properly 
>to the boluses either.

Is you infusion set OK... intermittent air in the system etc etc

Have you got the Manchester head cold which is doing the rounds at present?
I have, but it doesn't seem to be pushing up my bg.

What foods are you eating?

Sorry to nag... but once you are settled in with the basics of the
hardware, you should knuckle down, clear your decks of all unpredictables,
and set your basal rates correctly. Get your presentation out of the way
tomorrow, then take 2 weeks off dancing and work-outs. You'll thank
yourself in the long run. Every day that you delay, you're delaying the
chance to get some good control...

John N
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