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[IPk] more (slight) problems

Today my BG has been running high all day (keeps going up to abut 15)
it responds appropriately to any boluses but the basal doesn't seem to be doing much.
A week ago I was using a slightly lower basal and was running on the low side. 
If it is an absorption problem I would imagine it wouldn't respond properly to the boluses either.
At the moment I am using 0.8 during the day and 0.9 at night *though I
intend splitting the night one into 2 when I've figured it out.
Do I keep increasing the basals for now?
I am trying to test them but can't do it properly at the moment
because I can't get a stable normal reading to start it with.
I tried basal testing last night but gave up at 5am and took a high bG
here are my last few readings:

8pm last night 7
9.30pm 3.7
11pm 8
2am 15
5am 16
7am 12
9am 5
12pm 16
3pm 6
5pm 13

Any thoughts?
I'm going to be in meetings all tomorrow so don't particularly want to
be hypo or my presentations won't make much sense!
I'm thinking to increase all the basals by 0.1 and go from there for

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