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Re: [IPk] sorry - more questions

> Hi Di
> I would suggest that if the site always hurts, you are bruising it when you
> put the infusion set in, this could also account for the strange Bg's you
> are getting.

There's no bruising. And it on;y hurts after I've taken the set out.
May be better with the Tenders anyway.
I tried one of John N's tenders yesterday and had no trouble just
pushing it in quickly.
hey, I even put a Sofset in by hand when I was playing around with
them befroe I got hooked up!
normally you use the Sofserter for the Sofsets which whacks it in quickly for you
(like a lancet device) so I gues syuo shouldn't get that problem with
them (though my first cannula was kinked when I took it out).

> When I used the Tenders, I had to remember to be brutal and put them in in
> one go, no pussy footing about, just whack it in. If you don't the cannula
> gets kinked and then you get absorbtion problems and bruising.  I imagine
> it's the same with the SofSet, although I have experience with them.

> Regarding what to do with the pump at night. I just chuck it under the
> pillow, It does not always stay there but I have never had any problems with
> it, no matter where it goes, the cheeky thing! I have woken up with it
> wrapped around me, but never once have I had a set come out and I do not use
> any tape to keep it in place, only the adhesive on the set itself.

Last night I tried John N's method of just leaving it in bed beside me
(since I am using a short tubing). It was fine although I woke up with
it wrapped around me. And I did find myself lying on it a few times in
the night (didn't hurt it but it wasn't very comfortable!)

The other difference with the tubing lenghts is if I drop the long
one, it hits the floor (which doesn't pull on the site but isn't too
good if it's a hard floor). With the short one it justpulls on the
site as it doesn't reach the floor. I guess the solution is not to
dropit but easier said than done sometimes!
> Ask Michael if He's tried wearing his between HIS legs!! That I would love
> to see.

Uh, Michael doesn't have a pump himself, it's his daughter.
But I did ask him if he had tried walking normally with a pump between
his legs - still waiting for the response!

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