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Re: [IPk] site change problems again

Sorry I missed thi spart of your post before.
The Sofsets come with two types of tape - one is the IV3000 which is
fine (though not very sticky) and the other is something else which is
very sticky but my skin does NOT like it!

Fortunately they both come in each set so you get a choice.
I am going to be switching to the Silhouettes (Tenders) though as I prefer them
to the Sofsets.

> >I am intrigued about your tape allergy problem, what exactly do you use?
> Are
> >you talking about the adhesive that comes with the infusion set, or do you
> >use some other tape to fasten everything down?
> >
> >I do not use anything other than the adhesive that is part of the set. I
> >have never had any problems unless I leave it in too long. Mind you I have
> >only tried Tenders and Rapids.

> >John Davis.
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