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Re: [IPk] sorry - more questions

Hi Di

I would suggest that if the site always hurts, you are bruising it when you
put the infusion set in, this could also account for the strange Bg's you
are getting.

When I used the Tenders, I had to remember to be brutal and put them in in
one go, no pussy footing about, just whack it in. If you don't the cannula
gets kinked and then you get absorbtion problems and bruising.  I imagine
it's the same with the SofSet, although I have experience with them.

I changed to the Rapids for that very reason, and yes, from time to time I
do get bruising and a painful site with them, but usually because I have
inadvertantly used the same site too soon. Like all things, you learn from
experience. This ain't an exact science!

John N, you asked about my abdomen, (how polite you are). My belly is just
great, I get problems on my sides, they can get very painful but as I said,
usually because I used the same site too soon. I sometimes wonder where to
put it next!!

Regarding what to do with the pump at night. I just chuck it under the
pillow, It does not always stay there but I have never had any problems with
it, no matter where it goes, the cheeky thing! I have woken up with it
wrapped around me, but never once have I had a set come out and I do not use
any tape to keep it in place, only the adhesive on the set itself.

I have tried all lengths of tubing, 60mm 80mm and 110mm and have no problems
at night. MY problem is with the 60mm when you go to the Loo, I keep my pump
in my pocket, I have to remember to take it out, or it reminds me very
sharply that I have not.

Di, I cannot offer you any advice as to where you can wear it, I'm afraid
that's a Girly thing, perhaps the girls on the USA list could help.

Ask Michael if He's tried wearing his between HIS legs!! That I would love
to see.

Anyway, sorry this is so late, but I don't keep my computer online all the
time. I usually go online early morning or after six in the evening.

Bye for now and stay lucky.

John Davis (JD1)

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